Those who are tested for COVID-19 today usually receive confirmation by post or email if the test result is negative. Today, this serves as evidence, for example for trips abroad or access authorisations. But it does not meet several criteria for a practical, secure and technically harmless solution that meets data protection rules. Personal data such as surname, first name and date of birth are sent together with the ID number without any security features. For owners of a standard computer with a printer, it is also easy to change or even forge a confirmation. In addition, the requirements for proof of results vary from country to country, often adjusted at short notice.

Lead by keyper, Swiss Trustnet International Association and Swiss Trustwise have jointly launched a solution that is fundamentally different from previous approaches. Personal data and test results remain with the respective healthcare provider and do not have to be shared. Only the test or vaccination confirmation is sent to the customer together with his personal identification code. At the same time, a forgery-proof blockchain certificate is created. This ensures that sensitive personal data are separated from test results. A validity check can be carried out at any time by presenting the personal identification code and querying the blockchain certificate. Neither a specific infrastructure nor any other equipment is required for this. A normal internet connection is sufficient.

In a joint declaration, the initiators emphasise that the main focus from the start was on a solution that was as simple, flexible and easy to integrate as possible, which at the same time meets the highest security requirements. The certificate checking function is available to interested parties free of charge.

Medgate, a leading global digital health provider, is setting another innovative milestone by automatically issuing the CFP on every digital Covid test result in order to be able to handle the pandemic more easily. The keyper C19T platform has also been in use since November. Starting with answering a questionnaire, appointments are booked, the digitally supported test execution and automatic results and reports to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) in Switzerland.

Sample PDF report with CFP: Pass ID P1234567, identification code bho694vf and link to the test.

Event and concert organisers, sports clubs, hotels, restaurants and airlines are enabled to carry out validation checks themselves. The world market leader SKIDATA, which specialises in access systems, has already integrated this option into its Secure Guest Solution.